We can now easily share our historic and press archives.

MediaHaven allows us, as a museum and documentation center, to share our historic and press archives. Not only does this speed up our workflow internally, the general public can now easily browse this content.

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Collection Manager
Kazerne Dossin

MediaHaven is a DAM, MAM and e-depot!

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What does Mediahaven do?

MediaHaven is a cloud-based and on premise Media Asset Management platform that helps you to professionally manage, distribute and archive your digital media content. MediaHaven helps you manage the storage, retrieval, and distribution of digital media files throughout your organization and online. MediaHaven is used as a DAM, MAM and e-depot solution.

What our customers like about mediahaven?

Digital asset management made easy for ...

Marketing & Communication

In a world where visual content is dominating, every marketing and communications professional could use help managing digital assets.

Whether you’re balancing blog visuals, website photo’s or social sharables or you just can’t seem to find that updated black and white logo, a DAM system is what you need! Even more, it also allows you to easily cooperate with internal clients – putting an end to those requests for that updated black and white logo – and external ones, while also helping you share your finished assets online.

In short, a DAM system makes your life easier!

Documentation & Archiving

Organizations in all sectors are becoming aware of the need to develop a strategy for the immediate use and long-term preservation of the organization’s digital records. Finding the right DAM system is a vital part of this, because it should allow for good arrangement, categorization, and description — while also facilitating access for the appropriate users.

With the help of a thoughful and clear strategy, a digital asset management system will help you save time, work more efficient and provide easier access for users. A DAM system with flexible search options and easy to import metadata makes content easily discoverable. Create your own metadata schemes to suit the needs of your organisation.

Media workflow & Production

Broadcasters and organization active within the broadcasting sector or handling huge quantities of audiovisual content on a daily base. Being able to deliver the contentment in a flexible and timely manner is crucial.

With MediaHaven we offer a platform that allows broadcasters to store extensive audiovisual files in a flexible and secure way, search and retrieve the right files when needed and set up adjustable and highly customised workflows.

We have no limits in the amount of files. You can easily create video fragments with our Video Annotation tool.

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