Example - Why do I need a Digital Asset Manager?

Do you have a Digital Asset Manager?

Let us know when you are ready for consulting or assistance in finding Digital Asset Management professionals for your business.t a recent Digital Asset Management Conference, I was asked to present on the role of the Digital Asset Manager (what I do on a daily basis). This is not because I need to justify my position in this economy nor explain what I do aside from drink coffee all day, but rather to explain what it takes to:

  • Listen, learn and adapt to changes in the business needs of the organization
  • Promote, train and support all DAM users on a daily basis
  • Explain how we measure ROI with every project, collection and asset we add to the DAM
  • Simplify and unify across departments by sharing assets in DAM
  • Network and interview potential users of DAM to see what their business needs are (which are usually similar to everyone else’s needs in the organization)
  • Report on the progress of the DAM on weekly and monthly basis
  • Create workflow for the use of assets with DAM
  • Create and maintain up-to-date DAM documentation
  • Maintain consistency
  • Maintain metadata standards used within the organization
  • Review and test any configurations and/or customizations for the DAM
  • Be the biggest proponent, in-house advocate and expert in DAM for your organization
  • Make sure a DAM solution does not become another ‘shelf baby’ (i.e. another tool which an organization invested in, but did not get user adoption, so it is another waste of time/money because no one uses it)
  • Maintain an active registry of DAM users and needed permissions

This is one position that is in demand nowadays, but can be quite technical and requires:

  • Patience (lots of it)
  • Energy (lots of it)
  • Attention to detail
  • Process-orientation in order to create workflow that make sense to users
  • Love of data (metadata)
  • Consistency and flexibility (being methodical helps too)
  • Thriving on progress (even baby steps)
  • Customer service (i.e. user support)
  • Ability to demonstrate how to improve production with DAM to save time and money, when used properly
  • Prior DAM experience

In a previous post, we covered why you might need a DAM. So, your organization gets a DAM solution, it gets implemented for your organization and it is ready for regular operations.  Now what?

  • Who is driving the progress of DAM?
  • Who is tracking progress, measuring growth and addressing risks to report on a weekly/monthly basis for stakeholders?
  • Who will answer DAM questions and support DAM users?
  • What happens when something goes wrong?
  • Who is in charge of the DAM?
  • Who will fix it?
  • Who will be the adviser when to file a trouble ticket with the vendor versus what can be resolved in-house?
  • Who will create the trouble ticket when the time comes?
  • Who will follow up?
  • Who will train users and power users of the DAM? (Attrition happens)
  • Shall I go on?

Do you have a Digital Asset Manager?

Let us know when you are ready for consulting or assistance in finding Digital Asset Management professionals for your business.


Source: June 9, 2009 by Henrik de Gyor (https://anotherdamblog.com/2009/06/09/why-do-i-need-a-digital-asset-mana...)


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