How is a DAM different from OneDrive, Google photo, Box, Dropbox, ...

There is one big difference between a DAM and other Cloud storage offerings:

  • A DAM product is focussed on assets (image, audio, video, document). When an user stores a file on a DAM, the purpose is to share and reuse the file.
    Every DAM ofcourse can limit the access to the file or even keep it private but that's not the default way. You add a file to share it with a large group of users that can use it.
  • A cloud storage solution is focuessed on the user and their collection of files. If the user saves a file on the Cloud solution it is by default private and not shared.
    Each file or folder needs to be shared with one or more specific users. It's not the default way that your files are shared automaticall

When you add a file on a DAM you know other people will find it. They won't have to ask you can you please share it and send me the link!

Another important difference:

  • A Cloud storage solution works well for one or a few users because these users added all the content and know the structure of the folders. Furthermore they know what to find.
  • In a DAM system it's important that the DAM offers alot of ways to help you find files. Why? Because you only added a very small part on the content on the DAM system. You don't know by heart what there is to find in the DAM so the system helps to quickly navigate vast amounts of content to find what you need.

A DAM will also let search indexers like Google, Bing and others index your content. A Cloud storage solution will never offer that.

The one big simularity they have is that the standard default file server is no longer needed. Both solutions offer more value.


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