Frequently Asked Questions

General information

How long does it take to install MediaHaven

MediaHaven Cloud can be set up in a matter of days. We only need information about your housestyle like your logo and colors we must use.

After we go this information you are good to go. 

For an on premise installation we work with a planning that you know when you can start using your DAM.

How many times is MediaHaven updated

For all our MediaHaven Cloud customers there are at least two updates per year.

For customers with a Local installation there is at least one update per year. Based on the contract this can be more.


Can anybody download our media files?

MediaHaven works with users and usergroups, a bit like Active Directory. In order to be able to download a file you need to have rights to do so.

MediaHaven also has different access levels that are based on groups. For example reading rights, edition rights, download rights and so on.

When we speak about download rights you can decide in what format an user can download a specific asset. 

Technical information

How does MediaHaven handle downloading different formats

In MediaHaven we only store the original, a preview low res file and the thumbnail.

When an user chooses to download a file in a different format MediaHaven will transcode these formats on the fly. While doing so we save precious storage space.
In alot of other DAM system various formats are saved for every file but these formats are almost never used!

Transcoding and copying files can take a while there for we build in a export progress manager. MediaHaven can also use tapes and with tapes a export manager is a valueble tool. No user must wait until his or her download is ready.

Every download can also be used to be send of to third parties. Links send this way are only x days valid.

We already have a large collection. Do we need to metadata it all again?

Of course not. MediaHaven has a wide range of tools to import already existing data:

  • We reuse all metadata that is already available in the file (EXIF, IPTC, XMP, ...) 
  • We offer a bulk upload tool that by default turn all you folder names into keywords
  • Together with our support department we can import files with separate metadata:
    • In a standard sidecar XML file
    • Using an external database
    • Other automated ways of importing existing metadata

Is your data safe?

From the moment you upload a file it is stored in two different datacenters. All data is encrypted and we store all originals without changing them. A customer can always download their original files if needed. We believe that any DAM mustn't have a vendor lock in. All data remains the property of our customers.


If you choose to setup MediaHaven on your local servers we can install MediaHaven in the same high security standard based on your hardware and chosen configuration.


How does MediaHaven stay up to date?

MediaHaven offers an unique system. All customers can make suggestions about MediaHaven. Some customers have special requests.

All these changes (if possible) are integrated into the core MediaHaven solution. When customers receive an update these new functions also become available for all. 

You will never have an outdated DAM!!

Questions about one of our solutions?

Contact MediaHaven
Choosing the right solution is not that easy, but get in touch and we will gladly help you find the ideal DAM system for you needs! Or request a demo and discover what we have to offer!

We can now easily share our historic and press archives.

MediaHaven allows us, as a museum and documentation center, to share our historic and press archives. Not only does this speed up our workflow internally, the general public can now easily browse this content.

Dorien Styven
Collection Manager
Kazerne Dossin

MediaHaven offers a lot of possibilities by default and is highly adaptable.

As a service provider with more than 130 separate archives, the multi tenant aspect in particular is a key feature for us.

Nico Verplancke
Nico Verplancke