Video Annotation

Video Annotation module

Create video fragments
Easy to manage video metadata
Supports a wide range of video and audio formats
Automatically create keyframes
Extented export capabilities
Your video files are only saved one regardless how many fragments you create!

MediaHaven is also used in broadcasting environments like SBS, Telenet, because it supports a wide range of video and audio formats. When adding new video files MediaHaven will automatically create keyframes and reporters can also create Video fragments. These fragments have their own metadata so users can look for specific parts within a video file. These video fragments can be exported in any format. MediaHaven does not store all the fragments separately so that they don’t eat your storage space. Every download or export is done with our state of the art transcoder. 

AnnotateAutomatic keyframe creation

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We can now easily share our historic and press archives.

MediaHaven allows us, as a museum and documentation center, to share our historic and press archives. Not only does this speed up our workflow internally, the general public can now easily browse this content.

Dorien Styven
Collection Manager
Kazerne Dossin

MediaHaven offers a lot of possibilities by default and is highly adaptable.

As a service provider with more than 130 separate archives, the multi tenant aspect in particular is a key feature for us.

Nico Verplancke
Nico Verplancke