Extensive search

You can use keywords, dates, geo-locations, thesaurus, groups, authors, quality, orientation and a lot more (custom) facets to easily find your content on the MediaHaven portal. Show/share your content to the public you choose in the way you want. Ofcourse you can use all these search options via the extensive API.

Customise your metadata

Easily add metadata

Create your own metadata schemas
Metadata is extracted automatically from files
Hide/show metadata fields for certain groups or users
Change/add metadata in bulk
Make new metadata fields searchable (depends on setup)
Upload metadata via xml files
Change metadata directly using the API
Add as many metadata fields as you'd like
Support for Dublin core, Mets
Create facets from your metadata fields
Lightning fast search

Lightning fast search

Easily search using facets
Search with wildcards, Boolean, advanced, ...
Integrate with other applications
Lightning fast regardless of the amount of assets
Search within collections
Browse similar search results

Facetted search

Facet keywords
Facet dates
Facet categories (thesaurus)
Facet author
Facet image quality
Facet group
Facet image orientation
Facet by uploader
Facet location
Custom facets for every customer

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We can now easily share our historic and press archives.

MediaHaven allows us, as a museum and documentation center, to share our historic and press archives. Not only does this speed up our workflow internally, the general public can now easily browse this content.

Dorien Styven
Collection Manager
Kazerne Dossin

MediaHaven offers a lot of possibilities by default and is highly adaptable.

As a service provider with more than 130 separate archives, the multi tenant aspect in particular is a key feature for us.

Nico Verplancke
Nico Verplancke