MediaHaven adapts to your needs

MediaHaven is DAM system. A DAM helps you to manage all the audiovisual content from your company.  We have listed 3 choices based on most common use of a DAM sytem. 

MediaHaven is a versatile DAM system. We'll tailer our software to your needs!

Marketing & Communication

In a world where visual content is dominating, every marketing and communications professional could use help managing digital assets.

Whether you’re balancing blog visuals, website photo’s or social sharables or you just can’t seem to find that updated black and white logo, a DAM system is what you need! Even more, it also allows you to easily cooperate with internal clients – putting an end to those requests for that updated black and white logo – and external ones, while also helping you share your finished assets online.

In short, a DAM system makes your life easier!

Share your content on social media without loosing copyrights
Email content to external parties with copyrights
Create usergroups based on your organizational needs
View any file type on the website without the need for special software
Stream your video's and audio files
Create links to your documents so you can read them online
Rights management

Rights management

Fine-grained authorization
Show content on the public website
Give permission to externals to browse content
Create groups and users to reflect your needs
Rights like view, edit, download, delete, ...
Users only see the content where they have rights on
Connect user to your Active Directory
Download and send files

Download and send files

Include metadata in your files
Choose the download format you need
Send as many files as you want
Download are only available for limited time
Downloads are prepared in the backup to save time
Easily share your assets

Easily share your assets

Integration with AddThis
Share any object on any social platform
Easily stay in control
Embed assets on other websites
Use the Drupal plugin
Track social media usage
Lightning fast search

Lightning fast search

Easily search using facets
Search with wildcards, Boolean, advanced, ...
Integrate with other applications
Lightning fast regardless of the amount of assets
Search within collections
Browse similar search results

Switching to MediaHaven went perfectly.

We’ve easily imported all the existing media with their metadata. On top, everything is now fully integrated with other software and websites.

Marc Portier
ICT Manager

How is a DAM different from OneDrive, Google photo, Box, Dropbox, ...

Read more about the difference between a DAM and Cloud storage solution.

Why do I need Digital Asset Management?

Why is a DAM usefull for my company?

Is my business ready for digital growth?

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Questions about one of our solutions?

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Choosing the right solution is not that easy, but get in touch and we will gladly help you find the ideal DAM system for you needs! Or request a demo and discover what we have to offer!

We can now easily share our historic and press archives.

MediaHaven allows us, as a museum and documentation center, to share our historic and press archives. Not only does this speed up our workflow internally, the general public can now easily browse this content.

Dorien Styven
Collection Manager
Kazerne Dossin

MediaHaven offers a lot of possibilities by default and is highly adaptable.

As a service provider with more than 130 separate archives, the multi tenant aspect in particular is a key feature for us.

Nico Verplancke
Nico Verplancke